Entrepreneurs and managers have been, in recent years, enabling their businesses to become more efficient with their scheduling and transactions by using new tech gadgets and other forms of technology. There is no longer the need for a small business owner to hire a big team of employees to keep up-to-date with their clients, maintain schedules, have answers to curious questions and more, when a piece of technology can do it all for them – especially if they have partners and clients who live abroad or on the other side of the country.


Therefore, businesses should consider adopting these four gadgets to become more efficient with their daily tasks and projects:

Google Home

Bluetooth speakers have revolutionized the way we listen to music, but the speakers lack intelligence and cannot function as an assistant. Google, unsurprisingly, has taken this idea of the Bluetooth speaker and transformed it into a smart speaker – Google Home. It’s not a smartphone; it’s a smart home control centre, an assistant, as well as a music/entertainment player and a task manager. Also, it can provide an answer to any curious questions.  It’s surprisingly inexpensive for a device that has so much built into it. It can be brought home for just $130.


ZutaLabs Pocket Printer

This is a great gadget to have when needing a printer on the go, and it’s a “lifesaver” when one brings the wrong document to a meeting or when adjustments to a business contract need to made. This printer is about the size of a computer mouse and fits nicely inside a pocket. Just lay the paper on a flat surface, place the printer on the top left of the page and press print; you can print up to an impressive 100 pages with just one cartridge. This pocket printer is available for pre-order for $199 but is expected to move up to $250 after its release.


Wearable technology

Wearable technology – specifically smartwatches – has been great for those who want to keep track of their fitness, heart rate and provide notification updates on the go without carrying around a smartphone. However, a smartwatch can have other functions that are beneficial for a small business. It helps businesses manage tasks, meet deadlines, schedule meetings/appointments and maintain their schedule. Smartwatches even come with a microphone built-in, so important meetings can be recorded and documented. There are multiple options in the markets. And yes, most of the smartwatches are compatible with both Apple iOS and Android. Just choosing one may take some research in order to understand the benefits of each one.



At first glance of the iTwin, it looks as if it were a USB flash drive.  But, in fact, it holds no storage space. Rather, it connects two remote computers to each other by using “a pair of iTwin units.” It enables a business to share files in real-time as long as both computers have an internet connection. Indeed, it does the exact same job as a cloud service, but it has more security options. So, your documents are safer than they would be in a cloud. However, it is much more expensive than a free cloud service. You can buy a pair for $199.


M. Policicchio | DBPC Blog

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