Christmas is fast approaching and as usual, everybody is excited to eat, shop and be merry. We also look forward in attending Christmas parties and have fun with their friends, relatives and office mates. If you are hosting a party, be prepared to give your house or office a holiday atmosphere. Ensure to work with the caterer or potluck that you are having. There should be enough food and drinks to last the entire duration of the party. Most importantly, make sure to have at least five Christmas party games. This will make your party memorable. Here are a few selections to help you entertain your guests:

  • Christmas Charades.

Charades can be great ice breakers and keeps your guests in the holiday spirit. This game will not only entertain both you and your guests, you will also learn something new about the people playing the game – like who is more patient, talented, and funny. Come up with a list associated with the holiday such as Christmas movies, songs and items. Just have some fun!

  • Christmas Pictionary.

This is another game that will be fun for all ages. Similar to charades, you will be able to get to know more about those who are playing the game. Talents will be unveiled, something that will keep you talking all night. Be ready with whiteboards, erasable markers and erasers, and let the fun begin.

  • Christmas Scavenger Hunt/Christmas Treasure Hunt.

Make clues, place it around the house or office. Have everybody go around looking for them. This can be played by team or individually. First one to find the treasure, wins the prize. Friendly competition always make a great game to entertain guests.

  • Christmas Gift Exchange Story.

This is a simple twist of the usual exchanging of gifts that parties usually have. Each person should bring a gift of an agreed value that is suitable for male or female of any age. Next, have everyone stand in a circle holding the gift they brought while the host reads the “left and right” story. Every time the word “right” is read, all players pass their gift to the right. Every time the word “left” is read, all players pass their gift to the person on their left. Whoever is holding the gift on hand by the end of the story gets to keep the gift.

  • Christmas Ornament Design.

Have a contest on the best Christmas ornament a person can make within a minute. Prepare various kinds of art materials. Give your contestants a theme to follow and watch your guests have fun. Be ready to hand out prizes based on different categories like “most artistic, resourceful and talented in creating their Christmas masterpieces.

Christmas games and icebreakers are always an important component of a Christmas party. This get-together helps people build good relationships with one another, rather than just making small awkward chit chats. When one joins such games, one gets to know another person. This also makes wonderful conversation starters. Not only will you get to know more of the people and their hidden talents, but you also get to keep wonderful memories as well. Have fun this Christmas season with the people you love and care for. Enjoy!

Claudine Burca | DBPC Blog

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