Whether it’s your home or your workplace, decorating is a great way to get yourself into the season’s spirit. However, when designing your workplace, you must strike the right balance between decors being dull and uninspired or exaggerated. Too much sparkle and glitter implies unprofessionalism while too little can make the office look boring. Consider the following tips when decorating your office.


Bring living beauty indoors

Potted winter plants such as fir, pine and holly make for beautiful decorative accents in the office. They can be placed on desks or in common areas. Decorate where clients will see it too. White flowers grouped with pine and holly also brings the season alive.

Choose neutral colour schemes

Avoid traditional colours associated with specific religious holidays. Instead of filling your workspace with the usual red and green Christmas theme, or the blue and white of Hanukkah, try silver and gold. These inspire a festive – like environment.

Fill the office with edible décors

Placing bowls and baskets of sweet treats can be a workplace tradition specially during the holidays. However, many workers bemoan the free supply of candy and cookies that surrounds them at this special time of the year.

Therefore, consider healthy stuff by filling the office with fresh seasonal fruits such as apples, pears and any citrus produces, which also can be used as beautiful and decorative centerpieces. Oranges studded with cloves are both lovely and imbue the air with a festive scent.

Help your employees lighten up

The short daylight hours during the winter season is sometimes the cause of individuals depression. Bring the light indoors by filling the office space with strings of white or colorful lights. Just be sure to follow safety rules and precautions when using it.

Bows & Ribbons

A great final touch to all of your decorations would be to wrap them with colorful and decorative ribbons and bows. Don’t go overboard as not everything needs an ornament. This is an easy and inexpensive way to liven up the workplace.

As you consider decorating your workplace, to give it a festive atmosphere, always remember to place the safety of your co-employees first. Always leave hallways, steps and exits clear of any obstruction.

Be bold and creative. Happy Holidays!


C. Kang | DBPC Blog

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