In the troubling times that we’re in, there’s no surprise that people are finding it difficult to stay on track at work. Many are burnt out, stressed, and don’t see the point of focusing on a job that may not have any security. However, there are those that still have work they would like to do and want to get back to feeling like their old selves by taking some control of their lives. Here are some ways you can inch closer and closer to being productive at work during COVID.

Pick Your Spot

Having a dedicated workstation is a key move in getting yourself into the work mode. It should be a peaceful place that only you use frequently that inspires productivity. A desk, table, or countertop is suitable and it’s important that you’re not easily disturbed or distracted. This location can’t be too comfortable (beds are not ideal) and it should be a place that you can mentally log off from when you leave. Creating boundaries with work helps maintain balance. Consider some time off as if you were commuting to the office. This allows you to reset your focus.

Find a Routine

Since the pandemic, everyone all over the world has lost a sense of rhythm and is looking to get back into previously established habits. If you’re working from home or looking for work, it’s important to create a structured lifestyle that aids you in boosting productivity. Humans are creatures of habit, so having a clear path or project helps to keep things balanced and increases productivity.

The Right Clothes

Everyone works differently, both in and out of the office, so there are naturally different methods for different people. When it comes to dressing up, many took a break from the formal attire the office required (depending on the job) before the pandemic. For many, getting even slightly dressed up will help put them in the mood to get things done. There are clothes for every occasion and those clothes are designed to physically and mentally prepare you for the task ahead. So that might mean it’s time to start putting on pants again and not be too casual or too formal at home.  

Taking Breaks

Working all day around the clock isn’t healthy and working remotely doesn’t mean you have to overcompensate. Setting aside time for yourself at certain points of the day, whether it’s fifteen minutes of walking or napping, can get you the energy boost you need to finish the job. You can also call a friend or mentor to keep you motivated and on track in case you feel you need an extra boost.

Dontei Wynter | Staff Writer

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