Everyone has heard the saying, “There are some things that money can’t buy.” People equate happiness with money. However, the most successful ones are those who never stop dreaming and continue to reach a goal.
Although trying to survive in this world can be quite expensive, we should give more importance to the type of work that we do rather than the amount of money we make. This will result to a happier life and contented career.

Focusing on Your Paycheque:

Takes Away from Your Happiness: A full-time job entails hard work and dedication. If you are just working for the money, you will not go places. Focus on what you can contribute and for all you know, you’re already moving up the ladder, with a more competitive salary. A good income does not guarantee a better source of happiness. Working to earn more money may take the time away from things that of greater value to you, your family, friends, or time for yourself.

Hindrance to one’s growth: Focusing on compensation rather than career development will not provide professional fulfilment. For sure, all of us are working for a living, but its’ not everything. At work you can determine if an employee is only after the salary, they are those who clock in and out without producing anything. Usually, they are the disengaged workers, these are the type of employees who have low morale, inefficient and passionless about a job. The effect is lost productivity resulting to poor product/service quality. Regardless of the role you play in the organization, always think that you have a purpose, and that you’re part is important to achieve the company’s goals. For instance, Steven Spielberg started off as an intern at Universal Studios. Even though his service was unpaid, this did not stop him from showing his creativity.  Sidney Sheinberg (Vice President for Universal Studios Television Branch) recognized Spielberg’s hard work and abilities. This started a history of success in the life of a then student trainee. He focused on sharing and manifesting his talent (rather than thinking of getting paid for the work he did). Now, he is recognized as one of the best directors of all-time.

Focusing On a Purpose:

Make an Impact to Society: Having a purpose is about doing more than just work. Always be of value. Consider yourself as an asset to the company. Do not be contented in doing the same things every time. Take the opportunity to make a difference. We are practically spending much of our time at work so, why not create positive impacts? There is this famous story about police officers who went out of their way to help a man with Alzheimer’s in the city of Little Rock, Arkansas. His wife suddenly discovered that he was missing. Worried because of her husband’s mental condition; she immediately called the police. Luckily, the policemen were able to locate the husband. Apparently, he just wanted to buy flowers for his wife, as it was an old Mother’s Day tradition. Instead of taking the man back home, the officers took him first to a grocery store to help him buy a bouquet of roses.

Work the Extra Mile: These police officers did more than what is written in their job descriptions. The wife was in tears when her husband was escorted home. Although this is just a simple act, they still worked the extra mile.

Always find ways to be happy at work. Wake up excited and enthusiastic. Explore avenues to new experiences. Get out of your comfort zone.


L. Shabudin | DBPC Blog

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