Conflict happens. Differences of opinion and different work styles can create the problems. This strains the relationship between coworkers and reduces their efficiency as well as their productivity. They may become demotivated and dread coming into the office. But conflict can be an opportunity to more toward a better organized work environment if properly handled.

Below are some steps to help in avoiding or resolving conflict in the workplace:

This plays an important role in avoiding conflicts in the work place. Be very clear and specific with your message and communicate in a way that everyone can understand. When talking with your colleagues, make sure they understand all the information, since misunderstandings can lead to more problems later on. Provide all necessary data to avoid this.

Clarify Misunderstandings
When conflicts arises, bring both parties together and let them have a professional and respectful. Make sure each part understands the other’s point of view. At the end of the discussion, make sure an agreement should be established and that any misinterpretations are addressed.

Consider All
Speak with each party individually to understand the issue behind the strife. Ask them, what their suggestions are to avoid this situation in the future. After listening to them, analyze and focus on the problem itself rather than who did what. Aim to improve the work environment. Meet again with the parties involved and provide your solution to the problem. Be impartial and focus on what’s best for the company in order to avoid future complications.

Eliminate Negative Feelings
Solve the problem in a manner that helps both parties resolve their bitter feelings. Everyone needs to be satisfied with the solution, so that the work environment will remain friendly and respectful.

Be Cooperative
Everyone has their own ways of working and accomplishing tasks. Do not ignore this and let them express their opinions. Do not impose your ideas on others and instead of consider their views. Avoid bias, treat everyone equally and be fair with all your employees or co-workers. Bring it to their attention when they make mistakes but also applaud them for a job well done. If you make mistake, apologize and accept your part in causing the problem, everyone involved in the conflict has done something knowingly or unknowingly, so try to see the bigger picture. Never assume any conflict is insignificant. Always try to solve it as soon as possible, don’t let it fester. Try to always use written notes or emails to help your peers understand the solution to a problem.

Encourage collaboration. Create a structure of team work that requires staff to work together to complete tasks. This is one of the most effective conflict resolution techniques and will make the employees realize the importance of working as a team to support each other.

Wherever you work, everyone expects a friendly and healthy environment. It’s everyone’s responsibility to create a healthy office environment. It eliminates stress and keeps employees cheerful. More importantly, it brings out the best in people on a daily basis and helps increase productivity.


U. Lakhia | DBPC BLOG

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