Outsourcing your transcription services for accurate, complete and timely results.

Outsourcing transcription services is gaining popularity and companies are fast realizing the advantage of the process. DPBC provides highly accurate transcripts at affordable rates. Whether you are in the Legal, Academic or Medical field, we can help!

We Process:

  • MP3, Audio Transcription, CD, Manual

Cost effectiveness, security and confidentiality of information is guaranteed. We have a quick turnaround time! Over the years, we have provided these services to various lawyers, medical professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses. If you wish to save time, this is a great alternative.

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  • Legal Transcription
  • Medical Transcription
  • Spoken-language
  • Written
  • Dictaphone
  • MP3
  • CD
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CEO, Washington DC
Great service, you were recommended to us and we have never been happier. You have a great team that know their stuff.

Jack Williamson

Manager, BC
I was amazed at the quality of service. We tried numerous other business before we came across DBPC. So happy we found them.

Jennifer Elliott

CFO, Toronto