Free samples and demonstrations when introducing new products or services to the general public or target market is not only a good marketing strategy, but is necessary. One of the resources that some corporations do nowadays is acquiring the services of professional event organizers to do all the work for them from ingress to egress. However, business should not worry if you cannot afford to get one. Utilize your in-house marketing coordinator or event manager’s skills and expertise.

Here are some information that you will find of value when setting up free promotions:

Why the need to set up one? Usually when there is a newly opened business or when you need to introduce new products or services to the public. Setting up marketing strategies to attract more clients is necessary. It can be as simple as giving out flyers on the streets, posting advertisements on websites or going all out and do a major promotional event.

How do we set up? First, bear in mind that promotion is an overhead expense. Establish an advertising and marketing budget. Create a feasible plan. Conduct research by analyzing competition, target market, etc. to be able to understand what it needs to be done to promote your product thereby increase public awareness. Make sure your plan is tailored fit to your target market. Don’t waste your resources. The key to a successful promotion is on the initial set up.

Where and when do you set up your promotional event? To get the most of your expenses, set it up on busy days like weekends and on crowded intersections or malls. Be sure you stock up on your products! Better to have more of your flyers, giveaways and refreshments than risking running out of supplies in the middle of your event. Be the host or consider hiring one with a pleasing and entertaining personality. Be prepared to answer any questions regarding your company’s services, prices, quality and etc. Also brief your promo team on the products you are showing off.

As long as you don’t get too stressed out by the process, organizing events like this is a fun and challenging experience. The more you practice yourself in doing things like this, the more you get the experience and become a better asset to your company. Just do one thing at a time and everything will fall into place.

C. Burca | DBPC Blog

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