How to Handle an Anxiety Attack

Did you know that almost everyone will experience an anxiety attack at least once in their life? Although many people feel euphoric about living with easy access to everything at their fingertips, they are constantly subjected to stressful triggers. Most of the anxiety attacks are caused by excessive fearful behavior fueling the assumption that something bad is about to happen. Let’s delve into some simple, yet effective habits that can prevent this health hazard:

Recount experiences to identify the usual suspects: I can vividly recall one of my job interviews when I felt ecstatic because I was coasting towards my dream job. Then came a decisive moment, where I clicked the panic button for no reason which completely crushed my chances. Two weeks later, I received the sad but apparently correct response that I did not get the job. This incident made me realize that fear of failure was the main culprit behind my fiasco.

Embrace your fears: The root cause of anxiety is diverse types of fear. Fear signals instant danger and puts you in alert mode; however, most often it is a result of a perceived or an imaginary threat. Furthermore, if you develop a fear of anxiety attacks, it will gradually develop into Panic Attack Disorder, a condition where panic attacks are recurrent and disabling. Start acknowledging the fact that fear is a natural and powerful emotion that can either mentally drown you into an abyss or help you stay afloat in challenging situations. To its credit, fear has been acknowledged as an integral part of the success story of the human evolution progression.

Relax your mind and body: Anxiety attacks dare not kill you! They are not heart attacks after all. Sipping a cup of hot green tea, taking a slow and deep breath, getting a massage, listening to your favorite playlist or going for a long run – these are all effective and fun-filled ways of alleviating stress levels. Identifying your hobbies and indulging in them, even for a brief amount of time during these attacks, will uplift and rejuvenate your senses.

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright: Remember that famous line from Bob Marley’s song? Stop worrying about the future and do not delve into the past. Enjoy the present moment and the simple fact that you are “alive.” Come to a consensus that becoming agitated and spiraling down into a nervous breakdown is not worth it. Anxiety attacks are just like passing clouds; they will have their brief moment and disappear as soon as your brain receives feedback that the imminent threat is averted.

The right amount of self-help coupled with therapy from a professional counselor can do wonders in understanding and overcoming anxiety attacks.



P. Ganga  | DBPC Blog