Dress Code for a Business

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Similarly, your attire is a reflection of the kind of individual you are. Consequently, a bit part of your personality is displayed through your choice of wardrobe. Of course, various circumstances come with different dress requirements and you can’t always wear things you would like to. That is why it’s important to know the audience you will have at each event, be it a black tie banquet or a regular day at work. There is a large variety of business-related occasions you could be invited to attend, the following guidelines will help you select successful outfits for every occasion.

As much as it may seem dully repetitive, your days are still filled with unpredictable circumstances. Dressing with a “from the car to the desk” sort of attitude won’t benefit you in making effective wardrobe choices. Wear things that will allow you to feel comfortable and look professional at all times. Extremely tight clothing might be appropriate at times, however, in most cases, it could make people – yourself included – very uncomfortable. To summarize comfort in a few words: avoid the snug, cropped and see-through. Go for the covered and relaxed, but not baggy, apparel.

Trends come and go, but there are certain classic business pieces which never go out of style. For men, you can’t go wrong with a black suit and either a white or blue shirt. The same goes for women – a black suit with pants or a skirt and a neutral or bright colour top and black closed-toe heels are a recipe for success. If your environment allows, feel free to mix it a bit and trade the black pants for a pair of sleek dark jeans or switch the dress shirt with a crisp V-neck tee. Don’t be afraid to put your own twist on it.

Colour can make or break an outfit. If you are not the adventurous type when it comes to the hues you put on, stay on the safe side with neutral and a few earth tones. It starts when you shop. Be sure to buy multifunctional clothing in regards to colour. Having a dark and light suit will give you lots of options to mix and match. Find a few neutral tops that go with both outfits and most likely you’ll have at least two weeks’ worth of outfits. Depending on your personality and the situation, you can go bright and bold, but do so appropriately and with taste.

First impressions may be lasting, but if not maintained by proper character, they can very easily be forgotten. Your day-to-day demeanour – including your attire – will not only cause your acquaintances to remember previous good things about you, but it will also put you in a position of greater respect and admiration. Let your clothing be an amplifier of your character and not a play down on who you are.

Kowlessar | Business