5 Inventions that Changed the Business World

Decades ago, people used to do business in a more personal way.  Going from door to door to sell and promote.  Mailing was done by sending a person or pigeon to convey a message or parcel.  Individuals had to work harder and took longer to complete jobs.  The advent of electricity, computer, telephone, automobile, etc. made life and business easier to handle.

It plays a major role in our professional as well as daily life.  We rely on electricity for almost every task, from transportation to banking.  This invention was vital to the creation of phones, computers and the internet.  We can now have light anytime at home, or at work.  Offices can have set temperatures using AC and Heaters.  We are able to run computers, fax machines and printers due to it.  We use projectors for presentation too.  Thanks to electricity, people have been able to create new products that make most tasks much simpler.

Steam Engines
This is a heat engine that performs mechanical work using steam as its working fluid.  Prior to the invention of the steam engine, everything was usually made by hand, but due to this invention the industrial revolution was able to happen.  Industry would not be the way it is now without it.  We use Steam Engines as Piston Engines, High Pressure Engines, Turbine Engines and Marine Engines. The creation of factories and transportation as we know today was done due to the Steam Engine.  Industries like mining, farming and manufacturing changed fundamentally.  Trading was massively improved due to the usage of locomotive canal systems and port systems.  Production lines involving mass production were developed after this invention.  Basically Industry we know today exists as a result of the creation of Steam Engine.

This invention impacted business greatly and increased business opportunities for everyone.  People are able to work faster and more efficiently by using computers.  It is utilized for innumerable tasks in almost every industry.  Laptops now allow for mobile use. People can travel anywhere in the world and do their work on their laptop remotely.  They can store all their information and have computing power wherever they are.

It is a global interconnected network system.  Internet gives you access to information from all over the world.  It provides the infrastructure for supporting email and networks to share files and other applications.  These days, no one can imagine business without using internet.  Applications can connect people globally and allow them share information in an instant.  People are now also aware of events happening worldwide as a result. Businessmen can access their company resources through it, from anywhere in the world.

Telephones/Cellular phones
It makes communication easier in business as well daily life.  Landline phones are connected by wires to a Telephone Network, while cellular phones are portable and communicate with the telephone network by radio transmission.  Employees can now remain in contact with the main office and work efficiently and productively whether they are at home, travelling or working on other sites.  Employees can join meetings even when they are away from the office.  Smartphones have the facility to support teleconferencing (video and Web conferences via the internet).  Employees can access all information via internet on their mobile phone and collaborate with colleagues.

Use all inventions worth while!


U. Lakhia | DBPC Blog