3 Things You Need to Succeed

Each one of us wishes to be great and successful. But often times due to society’s expectations, we stopped dreaming and just wished to make ends meet. That seed of greatness is still in you waiting to return. Successful people are mostly average individuals who made the average to extraordinary. Have you ever wondered what Bill Gates has that makes him so successful? How about the director/producer, and multi-billionaire T.V. personality, Oprah Winfrey? Or how about the young man by the name of Usain Bolt with humble beginnings who trained diligently to become the fastest man in the world? It is not chance or luck that they are where they are right now. They have these three things that made them rise to the top:

  1. Grit

Grit is the driver of success. It is the incessant desire to keep going especially when the going gets tough. It tests the strength of your character. It starts with a vision of what you want to achieve and makes you work harder than anyone else to achieve it. This is how you become bold by doing what everybody dares not to do. The “Buts” and the “ifs” are not a part of your vocabulary. You simply just do it. Thomas Edison tested a thousand prototypes, wasting a lot of money just to find that one perfect bulb that we use on a daily basis. Imagine if he quit on the third attempt. What a dark world we would live in.

  1. Mindset

To be successful, you need to have the right mindset.  You are in your current situation in life right now because of how you think. If you are not close to achieving your dreams maybe you need to tweak how you see things and how you do things. Be more organized or read more books on personal development. Self-help books on Amazon emphasize the power of the mind. Napoleon Hill popularized this concept in his book Think and Grow Rich. He explains that the mind is powerful enough to make anything a reality. Two important words by Hill: to conceive and believe. To conceive is the ability to visualize to the point that you are almost feeling it on the tips of your fingers, and believing that someday it will be yours. These ideas brewing in your mind need to be put into action. The impact of positive thinking is necessary for success and this shift in paradigm is discussed by Bob Proctor in his famous YouTube videos, that can be your path to success.

  1. Discipline

Once you’ve decided to be a better version of yourself, you need the discipline to continue on that path. Jim Rohn said that success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day. And he believed that the key to a better future, is you. Have you ever heard of an athlete waking up at noon? Or have you heard about the diet programs required to stay in shape for competitions? All those sacrifices and time spent to develop oneself are the keys to success. Discipline is your fuel to success. For me, this is the most painful of all the three. We are all creatures of habit. To break free from it is difficult. How much more can you tolerate? Dealing with change or regret?

You have what it takes to be a champion. You have the heart of a winner. Your life has a purpose. Keep dreaming. Success depends on you.



M. Diaz | DBPC Blog