Finding New Customers

Getting new customers can be a real challenge, especially if you don’t consider yourself a good salesperson. But don’t lose hope, the following strategies will help you find new customers and increase your company’s sales:


Finding your target market

Before you can find new customers and begin to promote your business, you need to focus on targeting the right kind of people for your product.  Check out what your competitors are currently offering and determine what makes your product unique (price, quality, quantity, customer service, etc).

Understanding the needs of your target market

Market research runs from very simple qualitative research to in-depth quantitative analysis. It can be utilized fairly inexpensively by going to areas you are interested in selling to and passing out surveys to get a better understanding of what your market wants/needs and what factors affect their purchasing decisions.

Techniques for reaching your market

  1. Cold calling: Have a script on hand with your pitch for the product, and be prepared to answer your clients’ questions. Have a goal in mind for the number of people you will reach in a week. The more days you commit in cold calling, the more you get a feel for how clients engage with sales people. This, in turn, will help you develop new methods of making sales in later calls.
  2. Networking: Attend as many social functions as you can and try to mingle and talk to potential clients regarding the product you are offering. Don’t try to sell as soon as the conversation starts; instead, try to connect to the person. In this way, whatever the end result is, you also gain a friendly contact who will be useful for future referrals and networking sessions.
  3. Business contacts: Approach business contacts who have been happy with your products in the past and politely request referrals. When a customer is happy with your product, they will usually be happy to offer a positive testimonial. Word of mouth is an incredibly effective marketing tactic.
  4. Affiliate marketing: Look at non-competitive products or services with similar demographics and see if there are ways you can join forces through mutual outreach efforts such as newsletters, mailings (online and offline) or co-branding opportunities. You can probably find out a handful of like-minded products or services that are already talking to your customer base. The proper cross promotion can result in positive gains for both companies.
  5. Advertising: Nowadays there are an endless variety of ways to advertise one’s business. You can use flyers, Facebook, Instagram, web advertising and more. Try out different mediums and see how different demographics respond to each one.
  6. Samples: Giving out free samples is another way to reel in customers. Having a positive reaction to a test product makes it more likely they’ll tell their friends sooner rather than later. Clients who get samples also tend to brag about their freebies to other people.
  7. Customer rewards: Many customers appreciate loyalty cards that provide them with gifts or discounts. Create loyalty point cards to keep customers coming back to you.

Never give up in your efforts to acquire more customers, and do your best to spread your enthusiasm for the product you are providing.  The market is vast, and even though tastes can be hard to pin down, constantly networking and promoting your product will eventually carry you to your desired goals.

C. Burca | DBPC Blog