Family is one of the most important relationships a person can have in their life. Whether it’s nuclear or extended family relations, it is equally important to maintain and establish strong connections with them. As family day approaches, take this perfect opportunity to bond and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Extended family consists of people who are closely related. They may be living together or in the same vicinity. There’s an old saying: “It takes a village to raise a child.” In cases like these, it is especially true because extended relatives have a significant impact on healthy development in nurturing a child. They encourage a sense of belonging and a strong support system for parents to reinforce various aspects of discipline.

Growing up, children typically bond with their immediate family members first, such as parents and siblings. Your extended circle can also provide emotional and physical support if needed. Grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins actively play significant roles in an infant’s life. It shows that the kid is loved even beyond their own immediate family. It will allow them to learn 3 specific core values: loyalty, responsibility and independency. There are many advantages sustaining this family dynamic. Extended family relations affect the outcome of a child’s behaviour and character. It transmits the principles and practices of modern society in a very saturated way. Therefore, it gives kids much more experience and exposure on different interest and ideas that are important lessons which parents may not be able to teach (e.g. collective learning of cooperative work, stability, cultural identity and sense of community).

Of course, to every advantage, there would be drawbacks. Arguments and conflicts are almost inevitable within extended families. Most disagreements may stem from when there is no mutual understanding among members. There are times when caring for a young one can lead to conflict. Grandparents may overstep their boundaries and make parents feel inadequate. But all is not lost, there are so many ways to restore peace between members. The formula is pretty simple once everyone is willing to be cooperative and understand that each has different opinions in doing certain things. This acknowledgement will defuse any issues that may arise. It all comes back to mutual respect for one another.

Today, families are easily spread across the country or moved to different parts of the world. But since the invention of modern technologies, we can cross those geographical barriers to connect with loved ones in just a matter of minutes. The resources are at our disposal, and we can take advantage of this to keep in touch with the people we adore most. Understanding this fundamental concept will help you realize the value of having family to provide wisdom.

Happy Family Day!


L. Paul | DBPC Blog

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