Technology has greatly made an impact in every aspect of our lives by making things easier and better. Life In the 21st century, would be close to impossible without the upgrades that we have in our modern office. Everyone is trying to adjust to the rapid changes by getting accustomed to new gadgets, equipment and software that are released every month. Due to modern technology, everything gets done quicker and easier. Work becomes less strenuous, which makes our job less time consuming. Nowadays, companies don’t even need to hire bachelor graduates to perform office functions, as long as a high school graduate knows how to operate the specific software and possess the skills to perform the job. This translates into low-cost labour. It is imperative for every individual especially the older generation, to continuously upgrade their skills. This will allow them to compete with new graduates and be more effective at work.

Computers have helped a lot in the office. Thanks to this invention, we have outdated the use of typewriters, which is very helpful for encoders in editing compositions and reformatting them with ease. It has decreased the need for filing cabinet space due to its capacity to save files in the hard drive.

Stay at home parents can continue to work and earn income while at home by taking jobs that don’t require them to go every day to the office. As long as they are connected to the internet, they will be able to perform their regular duties without any problem.

Software has helped employees finish their tasks easier and faster every day. Newer software applications are created every month to help employees with their job. Now, calculations are done easily as long as the person knows how to input formulas. Less time is spent on individual tasks, therefore employees can be more efficient and productive.

When holding meetings, not everyone have to be in the same office.  Video conferencing help companies have meetings in different locations at the same time with a simple click of a button. This saves the company from spending on travel expenses, and allows their employees to spend time on more important matters.

Email has aided faster mail delivery. Clients can get their statements immediately rather than waiting for the postman to arrive. Rarely do we go to the post office to send documents. Everything can be scanned, edited, attached and sent instantly to anywhere in the world. This has helped companies save postage, paper, ink and most importantly, time.

Networking has helped in a lot of ways. Companies can now connect to clients through email, skype, messenger, etc. This allows a greater opportunity to reach out to new client prospects and communicate with suppliers and employees.

Technology has helped us in so many ways. We should all continue to upgrade our skills by staying up-to-date with new methods and tools. No one is too old to learn something new. It only takes time, patience and a positive outlook. We are only as good as we aspire to be.



C. Burca | DBPC Blog

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