We are all consumers of products or services offered by organizations. Whether shopping in-person or virtually, consumers account for the most important piece of any business. Without a clientele, organizations would not break even or earn a profit, and they would eventually cease to exist. In order to keep customers interested and returning, companies work tirelessly to generate innovative communications in hopes of achieving a sale and developing a business-client relationship. However, not all corporations stress good customer service. Here are some steps labelled the three Bs that entrepreneurs can take to ensure that their clients have a positive experience:

Be Attentive Without Being Overwhelming

All consumers likely remember a time when they were walking through a shopping center, minding their own business, when they suddenly found themselves hounded by a sales representative shoving a product into their face. The majority of us tend to not like this approach, and we end up ignoring the product and quickly walking away from the scene. While there is no harm in wanting to attract a potential customer to your product or service, do not come across as abrasive or forceful; you will likely end up pushing the potential client away from you. A simple “Can I help you?” or “Have you found everything you were looking for?” goes much further than “I know what you need without you even asking for it.”

Be Courteous and Listen

Organizations with empathetic and knowledgeable customer service representatives ultimately succeed in igniting and retaining relationships with clients. Not every customer that locates your website or comes across your store will be familiar with your product. Therefore, it is important to strive to fulfill and exceed customers’ expectations without being forceful about the sale. Customers want to be treated better than “just another customer” and having someone who politely approaches them, listens to what they have to say, and finds ways of resolving the situation are a few factors that can initiate or continue the business–client relationship.

Be Positive and Never Demean your Client

When consumers reflect on their former sales experiences, they tend to remember first impressions—whether they were positive or negative. We all likely remember a negative first impression, and it can be hard to earn our trust again. Although an organization’s representatives must be knowledgeable about their products, they must also be conscientious about how their clients will interpret and decode their message. While organizational representatives are probably more knowledgeable and experienced with the product than their customers are, they should never be arrogant or demeaning to their clients. Representatives who do this often come across as rude before being regarded as helpful. Instead, share your knowledge through your passion for the product, and take the time to help your customer feel as though they are valued.

Jerri Lyons | Contributing Writer

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