Each one of us, no matter what race, profession or background is part of a family. Our culture tells us that it is the basic unit of society, comprised of parents who act as the heads, and children who are the centre and source of their inspiration and happiness. For some, family includes extended members such as grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and other relatives, but whatever its composition, what is important is the role each person plays at home and in the community where they live.

Family is an integral part of a person’s development because it serves the critical purpose of shaping their individual character. It is the author of a person’s moral fabric since his/her values and principles are first learned within the family. Subsequently, this impacts the way we perceive things in society. Based on research, about 65% of our upbringing inspires what we will become someday, while only 35% are decided by environmental influences. Therefore, not all failures in the family should be blamed on family, there are external factors like friends and other associations that affect one’s personality and can either make or break a person’s development. Most likely, life in a happy home with strong guidance protect us from the uncertainties of life.

There is no such thing as an ideal and perfect family because one way or another, difficulties will come their way. If the foundation is solid enough then, even the most complex problems can be resolved. It is therefore necessary that anyone wanting to build a family, should be well prepared and ready to experience the ups and downs attached to it. The challenges should not be taken for granted. Marriage, often being the initial phase of establishing a family must be built on trust, respect and patience. Couples should not only be emotionally ready but spiritually, physically and financially prepared to enter into a different phase of their lives. It is a lifetime commitment that entails mutual sacrifice, but if managed well, the outcome is a pleasant “home sweet home”.

The term family can also be associated with other aspects of one’s life. The sports team, dance troupe, choir or other groups that a person is or was part of, is also an individual’s family in a way. Our interactions with them taught us the “how’s and why’s” of how to act, react, and interact with different personalities. At the same time it also allow us to create roles for ourselves to amassing knowledge, skills, and values that we would eventually bring to our dealings with the rest of the world.


M. Beltran | DBPC Blog

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