No one likes distractions at work or in their personal lives. There are many different types of workplace distractions that can occur, and several reliable solutions for dealing with them.

Minimize interruptions from technology and personal concerns
Limit your technology usage to the essentials, as anything else is basically excess noise and can easily become a distraction. Resist the urge to check your social media or look at your financial accounts. Checking e-mail constantly can also be a large waste of time, as it can distract you from completing your actual work. Instead, try to only check it periodically and focus on completing your present task. Avoid personal calls while you are at work, and in general, avoid mixing with play with work. Keep your personal life away from your workplace as much as it is possible, so that you are not constantly distracted. It can be easy to get sidetracked by online blogs, and news as well, but try to limit your time spent on these things. When doing research, do not surf endlessly to find more information or data. Instead, move on to other task.

Organize your desk, drawer and files on your computer
It is both irritating and frustrating when you can’t find your own things. Say you want to write a memo, or important document on your company letterhead, for example, and you are not able to find your letterheads, this slows down your workday and adds annoyance that can bring down your mood. To make it easier to keep track of things, separate new work into an incoming work tray and keep only those tasks which you are working on for that day. Keep your pencils, pens, calculators and other office supplies in easy to access locations, and make sure your all devices work properly in advance, so that there are no disruptions to your routine once it is underway.

Evaluate the office environment
Do not wait too long to inform your superiors, if you find it difficult to focus because of loud workplace radios, people talking too loud or coworker’s phones constantly going off. If possible, move your noisy devices to far-off corner of your office or disable sounds on said devices. The design of your office workstation also plays important role. The chair should be easily adjustable and desk should provide good ergonomics for a desktop or laptop. The surroundings also contribute to being distracted. Things like cleanliness, wall coloring, furniture and furniture can disrupt or inspire depending on how they are set up.

Breaks and workplace temperature
It is important to have right temperature in the office. An environment that is too cold or too hot can make you tired or irritated. It affects your efficiency as well as the quality of your work. Also, sitting in one place at the office can cause your body to ache. To avoid this, try to get up from your chair and try to move around a little for a minute every hour. Eye strain is also an issue during long work hours. To address this issue, try to look away from the screen and look at something in the distance to remove the strain and re-focus your eyes. In addition, try to take your lunch or break on time as it gives you much needed relief and energy in the middle of the day.

Different opinions
Everyone has their own style and talent and will have different opinion on how work should be done. Those opinions can sometimes be bothersome, but try not to lose your patience, and understand when your methods are the best for getting the job done. On the other hand, be ready to adopt if you find any better work style and try to improve and learn more. But keep in mind that you cannot make everybody happy.

Avoid excess meetings
Meetings in the office are not useful all the times. Try to lightly encourage your superiors to evaluate whether a meeting is necessary before holding one or whether it is relevant that you attend each and every one.

Manage your time and space
If you don’t schedule your time properly, additional work can quickly overwhelm you, causing you to become confused and stressed out. If you need a quiet place for your work, ask for a quiet place or talk to your coworker about giving you some quiet time to finish your task.

There are plenty of distractions at the office, but there can be just as many ways to resolve it!


U. Lakhia | DBPC Blog

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